First group show in Paris at the Salon d'automne; exhibits a sculpture "Eve."


Exhibits in a group show at the Salon des Tuileries.


Exhibits paintings and bas-reliefs at Gallery Devambez, Paris.

Writes a monograph in Yidn Knister on the work of Amadeo Modigliani.


Exhibits in Berlin at Fritz Gurlitt Gallery, in New York at the New Art CircleGallery.

Also exhibits in Cologne.

Paints an oil portrait of Zamaron.


Designs a theater curtain for the Jewish Art theater, New York.

Exhibits hammered copper bas-reliefs and paintings at Galerie Brian Robert, Paris.

Several paintings and bas-reliefs are purchased by the French art collector Zamaron.

Copper mask purchased by the Musée du Luxembourg, Paris. (Now at the French Consulate in Jerusalem.)

Exhibits in Frankfurt and at Galerie Polonia, Warsaw. The National museum (Krakow) purchases his works.

Exhibits at Gallery Lilla, Stockholm.

The National University in Jerusalem purchases a portrait in copper of the poet André Spire.


Exhibits in Zurich, at Gallery Zlota in Lodz, and at Zwionzek Art Polski in Krakow.


Exhibits at Gallery Zlota in Lodz, and at Zwionzek Art Polski in Cracow. 

The Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati purchases a copper bas relief "Two Musicians".


Exhibits his two "Walks of the Cross," purchased by the Saint John Church and the Holy Rosary Church in Toronto, at Galerie Lucy Krogh, Paris.


The convent of the Carmes, Antwerp, purchases the stone sculpture "Prophete Elie".


The terra cotta "Madonna" is purchased by The Friends of Old Paris and placed in the Marais neighborhood of Paris.

Exhibits in the Salon d'art sacré, Paris.


Exhibits at the Universal Fair, Paris 

Exhibits in the Salon d'art sacré, Paris. 

Paints on commission a portrait in oil of the Maharaja of Baroda (India).


Exhibits in the Salon d'art sacré, Paris.


Exhibits 12 bas-reliefs made for La Societé des Nations at the Universal Fair in New York.


The Polish government in exile (London) purchases the tapestry "Ruth et Boaz" as a gift to General de Gaulle.


Makes 35 drawings of Polish soldiers and officers in the Polish army in Scotland. (Now in the collection of the Yivo Institute in New York.)

Also executes two busts for the Saltire Society.


Exhibits at the Royal Academy, at the London Group, and at the Leicester Gallery, London.


His stone sculpture "Creation" is purchased by the Polish Government as a gift to the French Union C.G.T. It is placed in the park of the Manoir de Courcelles.


The Belgian government purchases his stone sculpture "Head of Dominique".

Exhibits the bronze sculpture "King David" at the Sculpture Biannual in Antwerp.


The French Institute in London purchases the wood sculpture "Resistance".


The Dominican Convent in Oslo purchases the sculpture "Saint Dominique".


The Museum of Modern Art, Paris, purchases a bust in wood (Now at the French Consulate in Jerusalem.)


Exhibits 26 sculptures, 20 small bronzes, plus drawings and lithographs at the French Institute in London.

Exhibits at The Gallery, Chicago and in New Paltz.


Exhibits at the Brackpot gallery, Antwerp.


Exhibits at the Salon d'art sacré," Paris.

Exhibits at Au Cheval de Verre, Antwerp.


Marek Szwarc dies suddenly in Paris at the age of 66.

The French government purchases his last work, the wood sculpture" Libera me".

The Vatican Museum purchases the wood sculpture "Voice in the Desert".

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